Navin Kumar

Retail Professional, Writer, Speaker

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from,
All that matters is where you are going.

- Brian Tracy

Navin hails from Patna, the capital of Bihar. He started his professional career as an Instructor at Triumphant Institute of Management Education Private Ltd. (TIME) training and preparing MBA aspirants.

Navin is an alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology & Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Few of the esteemed organizations he has worked for are Titan, Hypercity Retail, Future Group Ltd. During his stint in these organizations, he wore multiple hats as a seasoned VM Professional, Business assessor and Guest Lecturer at NIFT.

He enjoys writing articles on topics ranging from design to consumer behavior. His articles can be found on Retail4growth.

Some of the prominent awards to Navin’s kitty are the Jury award from the CEO’s Innovation award, Gold Certification from TBExG (Tata Business Excellence Group), Star Assessor award, Regional award from the CEO.

Navin understands that there are different sets of people with different mindset and skills.

Some People wish it to happen
Some wish it would happen
Others make it happen.

He aims at making things happen.

Navin believes that there is always an opportunity to learn and unlearn, and that inspires him to empower young people through his writing and mentoring.

My Book - Decoding the Visual Common Sense

The vision to achieve the business target is certainly the employee’s prime motive; however the priority to attain the figure varies at level considering people skillset and the business orientation according to their work profile. During the 12-plus years of my retail experience, I noticed that everyone at the top-middle-bottom level mysteriously had a design opinion; the aesthetic sense about product placement and all the more an understanding to lure customers entailing to higher conversion.

My initial belief slowly firmed up with growing years, meeting different people working at different organizations, observing art and architecture, visiting more than 120 cities nationally and internationally, and working with fellow colleagues at the front end. The belief substance became even stronger when I happened to work with vendors, artisans, craftsmen, weavers, potters, and many more that never happened to go to any design school yet had better visual common sense than the most profound designers of the trade.

To unclutter the differentiated thought, I decided to pen down my thoughts and found that it’s worth sharing with the larger audience who knowingly or unknowingly become the visual scapegoats.

Decoding the visual common sense talks about the visual influence on us, the reason why retailers use a different type of media and technology to promote their brands and products and the imaginative power that designers must possess to explore different ideas and thoughts.

This book also helps you understand the forward-thinking approach to imagine new ideas for products, the reason why developed countries clinch the top spot for the most innovative economy, the 7%-38%-55% communication rule, the golden steps to visual interpretation. This also answers the pertinent question, why certain brands achieve the milestone figure where others don’t, the many creative changes that brands would have undergone and many more.

I encourage budding designers, design aspirants, retail aspirants, retail and marketing professionals to read this book if they are innately curious, creative, and innovative and look forward to their creative success.


Decoding the Visual Common Sense

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